Who We Are

What We Do

The Rugged Andes Trading Company exists to find little-known treasures from the Andean regions of South America and bring them to the North American market. We envision a world where all people can enjoy the wonders that other cultures have to offer.

How We Work

We travel extensively to maintain personal relationships with artisans and manufacturers in South America. These artisans craft goods in their local tradition and using local materials. By personally visiting all of our suppliers, we ensure than all of our products are manufactured ethically and sustainably.


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A list of questions we receive frequently is posted here. Feel free to email hello@ruggedandes.com if you're not finding the answers you're looking for.

About the Founder

Alex Van Hout believes in open borders and thinks that contact between cultures makes the world a richer place. He wants to build an increased knowledge of the vast South American continent in his home country and strengthen connections between his friends in many different parts of the earth.

Alex speaks English, Spanish, and German and has lived in five countries and eight US states. He is a graduate of West Point and the University of Texas and before entering the world of business was a captain of engineers in the U.S. Army. Feel free to email him at alex@ruggedandes.com.