Alpaca Wool Throws

100% Alpaca Wool Throw (Grey)

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Lightweight woven alpaca wool throw blanket by the Rugged Andes Trading Company.

One of the world’s finest natural fibers, alpaca wool is warmer and lighter than sheep's wool, durable, hypoallergenic, wrinkle free, moisture-wicking, odor resistant, natural, and easy on the environment. It does not prick or scratch like sheep's wool and is gentle enough for use by infants and people with sensitive skin.

This product is made of 100% baby alpaca wool, an extra-fine grade comparable in softness to cashmere. It is not really from a baby animal, but comes from the first shearing of a one-year-old adult.

This product was handcrafted of nothing but undyed alpaca hair by artisans in Peru. No alpacas were harmed during its manufacture.

Width 50 inches
Length (not including fringe) 70 inches
Weight 17.3 ounces